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House MD was founded on a customer like experience putting ourselves in your shoes to provide the best customer service and renovation process possible. 

House MD has contractors with a minimum of 15 years in Residential home remodeling and home maintenance experience.

House MD keeps all trades 

in-house. This gives you the upper hand by reducing the time needed for scheduling ultimately saving you time and money.

One job at a time!

When we say: "We give your project personalized attention" We mean it! We do this by not over booking, and completing your job before we move to the next.  

Friendly staff and knowledgeable carpenters.

What we Know

We know that you the customer have an unlimited amount of options when it comes to deciding which contractor will complete your renovation needs. We have a high stardard in which we conduct business. Trusted people who will care for your home and do everything in their power to keep both you and your loved ones safe during the construction process.

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House Md is your goto home improvement company for the fact that they will be with you.

What can House MD do for you?

We are here for you every step of the way. Your project gets personalized attention from start to finish. We will never leave you with an unfinished project. We work our hardest to keep your project on time and on budget. 

Affordable home maintenance and renovations. flexible payment options.


We have extremely flexible job types and payment methods. Whether you just want to pay per job for handyman services, pay per contract or per day. We will match you with the payment method that suits your situation.

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