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House MD Specializes in Custom Kitchens in South Jersey.

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Family grown core values are at the center of House MD, we make our customers our first priority.

We are the game changer, the trendsetter. The company with passion and commitment.  We believe in hard work and take pride in all that we do. We respect your home and all your belongings.


Passion starts with our Christian faith, Core values and home services that surpass the competition

 Our passion is home improvement but we are so much more. We are the handyman with the smile, the contractor that is on time, the detail in your finish and the company you can trust. 

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We are number one in Home Renovation Service In southern New Jersey for a good reason.

House MD was founded around the customer being our major focal point. We set into place new standards and practices to set us apart from the every day "Carpenter / Contractor" We believe that all jobs big and small require our full attention. When we take on your job we are there with you every day until completion. 

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