In this Tips and tricks page, we will show you DIY home improvement tips, videos, and tutorials that you can do as a homeowner to save money during your Renovation.


Diy Tips and Tricks, Keeping Your Pencil Close

Level: 2 (Easy) Low use of power tools

One of the simplest tools you use as a Handyman, carpenter, contractor is your pencil. Keep this tool by your side for quick and easy grab and go, never to worry about the last place you used it.

Carpet Removing is a Breeze

Level: 2 (Easy) Low use of power tools

 Adding value to your home on a budget can be tricky, Saving on your renovation starts on day one. Most people will be able to remove carpet themselves. Know how you can do this quickly and efficiently using a pneumatic roof cutter with a hook blade.

Cleaning Old Copper pipe

Level: 4 (Moderate) Medium use of power tools and mid DIY skills .

 Whether your new to Plumbing or have been in it for years efficiently cleaning copper pipes is key to a good solder joint. Learn how to automate that process this simple how-to video. 

Dry wall Cutting tip

Level: 2 (Easy) Low use of power tools

 Whether you're a beginner or a weekend warror drywall is often the most over looked profession.  Professional finish starts with professional cuts. learn this quick and easy way to cut drywall like the pro's. 

Tile Floor Prepration

Level: 5 (Moderate) Medium use of power tools and mid DIY skills .

 Installing Hardiebacker to prep for tile installation. Made easy with the use of  a modified  sheetrock gun using flooring screws.

Paint Roller Tip

Level: 1 (Easy)  No use of power tools

 Quick and easy way to spruce up your home is with a fresh coat of paint. We show you how can save your rollers for future use and forgo the headache of cleaning them. 

Deck Building 101, Setting Spindles

 Level: 4 (Moderate) Medium use of power tools and mid DIY skills . 

Proper layout is the key; Measure the full length of railing from post to post, find the center and mark it.  Use that line to set your first spindle, making sure that your first spindle is level before you moving onto your wooden block spacer. Then moving out towards the posts continue to set each spindle using the wood block. Finish off your install with 1 1/2 predrilled deck screws, for a long-lasting deck. 

Shoe Molding Hack

Level: 2 (Easy) Low use of power tools

 Fewer holes to fill saves you time and money, follow this great tip to hide those nasty little nail holes. 

Slab Door Install In 60 Seconds

 Level: 7 (Moderate) High use of power tools and mid to advanced DIY skills 

 Quick 60-second video that will Help any DIY'er or professional learn the basic's to complete this task with little to no effort.


Mess Free, Dust Free, Tile Cutting

Level: 5 (Moderate) Medium use of power tools and mid DIY skills.

Cutting tile on the second floor can be a real pain. Running up and down the stairs can add significant time to the overall job length. Watch this simple tip to learn how you can speed up your tile installation by 60%