April - May Tool of the Month

Guardian by Elexa has been nominated by House MD, for reasons listed below.

 Guardian by Elexa Do it yourself Home Improvement water prevention system. 

The Scenario

  • Water is life-giving and life-sustaining bounty of pure goodness. But did you know that water also has a dark side? 
  • In the USA alone more than 14,000 homes will experience some kind of water damage within their home. 
  • Everyday appliances we take for granted fail!  Washing machine hoses break, dishwashers spring leaks, refrigerator's Ice maker stops making Ice. These appliances that make our life easier can easily turn to make our life harder. 

What does it do?

  • The Guardian's Main control unit mounts directly to your main water valve using only two thumb screws. The unit also connects to your WIFI, for system notifications sent directly to your phone ultimately keeping you notified if an emergency is detected.  Detection of a leak is done through the unit's supplied wireless water detection pads. Depending on the package purchased, kits are available with one to three pads with additional pads available for purchase. 


Save time and money

  • You can't avoid the inevitable however you can help protect against it. Preparing for a future water failure can reduce the amount of damage to your home, your sanity and your and priceless memories. 

Statistics by www.waterdamagedefense.com

Statistics by www.waterdamagedefense.com

Many Package Options Available!

Base unit

Save up to 10% on your home owners Insurance.

Get your foot in the door and start protecting your home  while getting up to 10% off your home owners insurance.   

Packages Starting at $199.00

Easy to install and set up

Guardian by Elexa provides Easy installation for any DIYer or home owner.

No need for a professional install. The Guardian attaches to your Main water valve with only two thumb screws. 

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Three wireless pads and two wired

Water damage protection for your home.

As of Right now (6-1-19) Home Depot has the three pad kit available for For only $249.00. This limited time offer  should be taken advantage of as it will go back to $399.00 shortly.

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March's Tool of the month!

 EZ- Floor Guards By Trimaco_Inc has been nominated by House MD, for reasons listed below.

The Scenario

  • We have all been there before stepping on a glob of spackle, or a dollop of paint. Why waste precious time cleaning your shoe, or worse someone's carpet. E-Z Floor Guards gives you control over circumstances like this by acting as if it never happened. Simply grab the film, pull it off and apply a new shoe liner ready for work in seconds. 


How does it compare          

  • E-Z Floor Guards are unlike any other products out there on the market.  They provide quick and easy application/removal of shoe protection. You might ask yourself how can this be a benefit to me? 

Save time and money

  • The old saying "time is money" has never been more valid.  The application of traditional shoe booties takes more than 30 seconds to apply, providing that they don't rip in the process. The E-Z Floor Guards take less than 7 seconds per pair. At this point you're probably asking yourself "so what?!"  you save 23 seconds. That doesn't account for the extra costs involved and you would be right.  Saving 23 seconds alone is not the only reason. You should know that one 442' roll of plastic film will give you nearly 187 pairs of shoe covers making them less than 18 cents a pair and a total of 72 mins saved. Match that with the countless hours of mistakes and mishaps that never happened and they're worth they're weight in gold. 


Customer service

  Like always, House MD will not advocate for a company whose customer service is nonexistent. We are a customer based company meaning we rely and depend on our customers. That being said, if we felt that the customer service of this company was not up to our standards we wouldn't have nominated them to be the Tool of the Month.

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Price Point

Trimaco E-Z Floor Guard Starter Kit is available on Amazon for less than $90.00. It comes complete with one roll of 1.38 mil film. Enough film for 250 pairs of covers. However, we highly recommend using the 2.45 mil thicker film for ease in removal. 

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February's Tool of the Month

The "Restorer" has been nominated by House MD for the "Tool of the Month" Making it the "ultimate" renovation tool. continue reading below.

The uses

The Restorer is used to grind, polish and scrub along with the removal of paint, varnish, and rust from wood, metal, and concrete surfaces. This is a huge game changer for people in the woodworking community to people in the auto industry.

How does it compare

When compared to other material removing methods, the Restorer is more effective by removing the material through rotary action. This helps flick off the material, unlike a palm sander which uses friction to remove material. 

Save time and money

The Restorer saves you time and money! By removing difficult materials faster using less product than conventional methods.   Palm and belt sanders require as much as five times the product to do the same job!

Customer service

Customer service is beyond amazing! The inventer Robert Kundel Jr is all around a great guy. He takes pride in his invention and personally takes care of any issues you may have while using his product.    

Visit Roberts IG

Share the big news

Did you know that Robert Kundel Jr has a bigger plan?  All profits made from the sales of the Restorer will be used to build a pastoral retreat center.   

Price Point

The price point of the "Restorer" ranges from manufacture however if your lucky enough to land yourself a porta cable on the Lowe's website you can get away with a pretty attractive price point of $99.00 pretty sweet for an awesome piece of restoration hardware!

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